If you need tickets for Hay Fringe Festival, here’s how a loan could help you

If you would like to get into the hay fringe festival, then you will really need a loan to get inside. It is a very exquisite festival that takes place in Hay on Wye, the Welsh English border. Each may, when the festival takes place it attracts over 100,000 visitors. The founder of the festival is Peter Florence, and he makes sure that marquees are cleverly erected in the field ready to receive the guests. Tickets are sparse, and invitations are very few and far between. It is safe to say that taking out a loan as a source of bribery would be a great way to ensure you can have a ticket to visit the event!Hay Fringe Festival

Stars like Chris Evans and Nigella Lawson flock to the festival. It’s celebrity names like these that and attract so many visitors to the hay fringe festival. One thing that everyone who visits the festival shares in common of course is their love for books. Books are an important part and play a huge role in being able to enter. As with every exquisite event that takes place in the UK, there is always a competitor. More recently the ‘How The Lights Get In’ Festival founded by Hilary Lawson is starting to compete with some of the high fliers of society, and the speakers who could have otherwise been engaged at the Hay Fringe Festival, have started to flock over to Hilary’s festival instead. Peter Florence usually provides accommodation for those that speak out at the festival. He has started to get a little irate about the other festival that has become the rival and started to seduce others to speak there instead. Peter has tried to stop such antics by putting down some ground rules. Perhaps not so direct, but basically that if you speak out at Hilary’s festival, then you will not be able to participate in the Hay Fringe festival anymore. The choice is yours. Perhaps you would like to take out a loan and try to seduce Peter to get an invite!

What is the history of Hay Fringe Festival?

The Hay Fringe Festival began thanks to the success of the literary Hay festival close by, and although not directly related, it owes much to the calibre of talent and star names the literary Hay Festival has attracted in the past. Founded by Hilary Lawson in 2010, the Fringe festival is known as ‘the other place’, situated in the shadows of an old Chapel close to it’s larger rival. Strictly speaking, the Fringe Festival is known as ‘How the Light Gets in’, a name derived from the lyrics of Lenard Cohen. Celebrating philosophical ideals and music, this is more than a festival catering for big names and their associated books. It is a festival of ideas, examining everything from politics to science and of course current trends in literature.Hay Fringe Festival

Moreover, the Hay Fringe Festival is not alone in taking root close to a larger, more established event. In fact, by choosing to remain on the fringes of an already sell out festival, the Hay Fringe is able to cater to a ready made audience, offering an alternative to the traditional Hay Festival. Their proximity has also meant they are able to sway some of the guests already speaking at the Hay Festival to come and speak at the fringe also, without having to supply them with a large fee or stellar accommodation to tempt them down in the first place.

The Hay Fringe may only have been running for three years, but already it has garnered a reputation for being imaginative and offering something completely different, attracting audiences in big numbers alongside an interesting array of speakers alike, despite Hilary Lawson choosing to forgo the support of big investors. As the Hay Fringe Festival continues to expand in such a short space of time, it is surely only a matter of time before other fringe festivals spring up too to capitalise on its success.